Yard Waste

Starting in April and continuing every other week, on the day after your scheduled waste collection day, into September.

Curbside Collections Calendar

What is collected curbside:

  • Tree and plant trimmings
  • Tree limbs (less than 4 feet in length)
  • Weeds

What is not collected curbside (prohibited materials):

Animal WasteLarge Limbs (over 4 feet in length
Leaves/corn stalksLumber
Perennial/ornamental or mowed grassesPlastic Bags

Yard Waste CollectionPreparation Requirements

Collection will include: limbs and branches tied and properly bundled to a maximum size of 48 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches and a maximum weight of 60 pounds. Ties for the bundles shall be of biodegradable materials. No roots from trees or shrubbery accepted. Yard waste can be placed in commercially designed open trash containers (sloped sides) no larger than 32-gallon capacity with a loaded weight of less than 60 pounds. A combined maximum of six bundles or containers per household will be collected. No plastic bags.

Prohibited materials are not included and will result in your yard waste not being collected. Waste Management will place a tag on prohibited materials notifying you of acceptable materials and handling. Waste Management will not make return trips for items not bundled/contained/prepared properly.