Right to Know

Pennsylvania Keystone with open book in middle (PNG)Requests for Township information under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, codified at 65 P.S. § 67.102 et seq., should be directed to Renea Flexer, Open Records Officer, or Kim Molnar, Asst. Right to Know Officer.

Email: rflexer@lowermac.com  and/or kmolnar@lowermac.com 

Mail: Lower Macungie Township, 3400 Brookside Road, Macungie PA 18062

Download Right to Know Request Form

Commercial Property Requests:

The Right to Know Law defines a public record as a record that is not exempt from being disclosed under any other Federal or State law or regulation or judicial order or decree. The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), 34 PA Code § 403.85e, provides that municipalities may prohibit the release of certain records for commercial properties. Therefore, Lower Macungie Township considers commercial property documents are not subject to public record due to the fact that the UCC exempts such records from disclosure and restricts their release. Requestors may review the documents, but no copies or pictures may be taken of the documents.