Where can I call to report water run-off from farm fields?

Please contact the Lehigh County Conservation District at 610-391-9583, ext. 22.

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1. Do you remove dead animals?
2. Who do I call for a live animal (not domesticated) concern?
3. Who do I call for lost and found domesticated animals?
4. What should I do if I think I see too many dead birds in my neighborhood?
5. Who can I contact for information about LMT Field Use availability?
6. Can I get further information regarding curbside seasonal grass and yard waste collections?
7. When do our new developments roadways become the responsibility of Lower Macungie Township?
8. Who can I report “farm odors” to?
9. Can I get information regarding LMT’s leaf collection?
10. What should I do if I am concerned about mosquitoes?
11. Why are there spray-painted colored lines in the street? What is Pennsylvania One Call?
12. Where can I get more information regarding the plowing of public roads?
13. How can I report potholes?
14. Is there a list I can review specific items for trash removal requirements and recycling options?
15. Where is my sanitary sewer curbside cleanout?
16. Who decides where a school bus stop is located?
17. Who can I call if I have a sewer problem?
18. When is street cleaning/sweeping done?
19. Where can I report a street light repair?
20. How do I report an existing street sign that is down or missing?
21. How do I submit a traffic control request?
22. How do you handle tree trimming?
23. What do I do about a dead or diseased tree?
24. Where can I submit a request for a bulk item or have a complaint about the Township's trash/recycling services?
25. Where can I review general trash and recycling disposal guidelines?
26. Where can I call to report water run-off from farm fields?
27. Who can I call to report a water main leak?
28. Who can I call to report a broken water shut-off cap?
29. Where can I go to get answers regarding the Yard Waste Recycling Center located at 5536 Indian Creek Road?
30. I have questions regarding our sanitary sewer. Where can I look for information?
31. Can you provide any information on the storm drains?
32. Where can I find information regarding curbside leaf collection?