What is a site plan?

A site plan is a scaled drawing of your property. You must show the placement of all additions to the property. Give dimensions of the house, dimensions of any other structures on the property, and dimensions from each structure to all property lines.

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1. When do I need a residential building permit?
2. What is a site plan?
3. Where do I get a permit application?
4. Why are plumbing and electrical contractors required to be licensed in the Township?
5. What does a permit cost?
6. What forms of payment do you take?
7. May I mail my permit application, plans (if applicable), and check to the Township?
8. What is the time frame for the permit process?
9. How do I schedule an inspection?
10. May I request a specific time for an inspection?
11. How do I contact an inspector during the day if I need clarification on his requirements?
12. Do permits expire?